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Hello Lovelies!


Ok, if you’re like me then you love buying new clothes, but you hate having to shop for them. I shudder every time I think of having to go into a store and try on clothes. It just takes so much time and energy and by then end of the day, after trying on millions of clothing items, I’m ready to just go home and give up.

Well, thankfully in this day and time, you don’t have to shop for clothes the traditional way. While I was surfing Facebook the other day, I happened across a really cool looking website called Wantable, an online clothing company that allows you to fill out a style profile, tailored exactly to your specifications, and have a box of hand picked clothing sent straight to your front door.

You then have five days to try on the clothing you received, keep what you want and return what you don’t. It’s literally that simple. Seriously, having the store come to my home is the best ever!

I decided to try their fitness box out first, as I have no desire to go trying on fitness clothing in stores. Way too tedious! Having cute clothes makes you definitely want to work out more.


Here’s a break down of what’s inside my work out box and how it fit:

1 | White Sports Bra: It was very pretty on, but a little bit too snug and so it went back.

2 | Grey Racer Back Top: It’s the perfect length, width, and over all looseness. It kept it.

3 | Grey Open Backed Top: This one was too open and loose for my taste. It went back.

4 | Pink Shorts: These were a little large in the legs and waist. They went back.

5 | Grey Joggers: These were huge in the legs, rear, and waist. They went back.

6 | Grey and Blue Shorts: These actually fit ok, but they had two layers of material and would not be practical for this part of the country. They went back.

7 | White Tank Top: This was nice and long and made of cotton, so very breathable for hot weather. I kept it.


When you’re ready to send your box back, you have the chance to leave detailed messages for your stylist, who hand puts together the box. Then you just place everything into the pre-paid envelope they send you in the box and mail your items back.

The subscription can be canceled at any time or even just paused for a month if you would like to wait a while for your next box.

I’m really looking forward to then next box I receive. Check out Wantable’s box of work out clothing and let me know what you think!



This post is sponsored by Wantable but all opinions are exclusively my own. 

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