What to pack for a blog conference

The easiest answer on what to pack for a blog conference is what do you enjoy wearing/doing/eating etc. From this will come the list you use for packing and how to tweak it with the location and weather you will be headed to.

This weekend is the annual Blog Societies blog conference, or TBSCon for short, which is being held in my hometown of Savannah. Since it was postponed for the past two years, getting to go this year is so exciting. Naturally, I started thinking about what I would be wearing and despite being a local, I still followed my normal packing routine.

However, with this being a blog trip and not a vacation, there will be some variations on the normal packing routine and I’ll cover those too.

What is the weather in Savannah?

So, since my blog conference is in Savannah, GA, that is where I’m going to check the weather for and plan accordingly. It’s very hot and humid here right now, so I’m packing for lightweight fabrics and plenty of dresses.

what to pack for a blog conference

The best way to pack toiletries

Or the best way I have found; I literally do not want to have to worry about anything during packing, and I mean anything. So, no matter how far between trips I go, I always make sure that my toiletries bag stays packed with travel sized items. This way, I just grab it and go.

Should I bring a computer?

With this conference, we’re doing a lot of learning about different internet companies and how to use them in our blogging businesses, so a computer is a must. Other things you want to grab are a notepad, chargers, camera, and anything else you use creatively.

what to pack for a blog conference

All in the details

Don’t forget to add in pretty jewelry, sunglasses for eye protection, and things like scarves for your hair or outfit accessory.

Some things that are different for this trip:

Is everything in one location?

This is a really important thing to know, as it will determine footwear and how much time you will need. If everything is under one roof, then you probably will have more time to relax between classes/events. If things are spread out, then you’ll need to factor in walking/travel times as well as what footwear you’ll need.

Is food provided?

Sometimes blog events will have food catered and sometimes you get to explore the city. In my case, I have both options, so I want to make sure I have enough clothes in case I feel sweaty and need to change at any time.

Do I need to sign up for anything before attending?

In my case, I am signing up for a free trial as part of one of our sessions, so I’m going to make sure I have that prepared.

In summary, what to pack for a blog conference will depend slightly on where you’re going and what you’re doing, but ultimately on what makes you feel like you and packing it with gusto!

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