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Well, I don’t want to jinx myself, but I’m starting to feel a lot better! Thank goodness. My weekend was fully booked and event though I had to miss a few things, I am still going to be able to make Friendsgiving and the Ladies Tea and I couldn’t be happier.

I recently received another box from my favorite clothing subscription, Wantable. If you’ve never heard of them before, they are a clothing subscription a lot like Stitch Fix, and after you fill out a style profile on their website, they send you a hand picked box of clothes tailored to your specifications. You get to choose from seven different pieces and if you keep five or more, there is a discount on the box! All the pieces are high quality, expensive brands at a fraction of the cost.


So, I went through this month’s box and am going to break down each piece for you.



Top | Elbow V-Neck Dolman- Wantable

Retail: $48.00  Size- Small

Bottoms | Edie Classic Super Skinny- Vigoss

Retail: $78.00  Size- 25


I liked the top ok. The fabric was very soft and the fit was nice and loose. I also really liked the color, but it wasn’t an item I could see myself wearing everyday, so it went back.

The jeans wear super comfortable; like pajama pant comfortable. It has the unique zipper design along the top in instead of pockets and the waist and hips fit really nicely. I kept these.



Top | Lace Yoke Print Top- Spade and Heart

Retail: $58.00  Size-Extra Small

( Bottoms are the same as the top photo )


I love this top from the moment I pulled it out of the box! The colors and mixture of prints were so beautiful and the lace neckline was the cherry on top. The fact that it could be dressed up or down ( so office wear or everyday ) made it a must. I kept this one.



Top | Striped Tassel Top- Tarte Collections

Retail: $78.00  Size- Extra Small

Bottoms | Alex Skinny Heron- Big Star

Retail: $98.00  Size- 25


The top had a nice, loose fit and was very soft, but I’m not a huge fan of tassels, although I was almost won over by the stripes ( I could live in stripes ). I sent this one back.

The jeans were very comfortable, but the waist was slightly too small and the jeans were a little bit too snug in the rear for comfortable wearing. I sent these back.



Top | Printed Short Sleeve Top- Le Lis

Retail: $48.00  Size- Small

Bottoms | Sarah Release Hem Warren- Articles of Society

Retail: $64.00


I could not resist the pineapples on this top! So cute. And the fit was perfect for wearing around the office with dress pants, as well as styling with jeans for maybe a fancy night out. The fabric is also really durable, so it will survive many washes. I kept this one.

Give me jeans with ripped hems and fraying any day. I really liked the details on these and the color, but the fabric wasn’t quite thick enough for my liking and so I sent them back.



Once you’re finished with you box and you’ve decided which clothes made the cut and which ones are going back, then you place you going back items into the pre-paid mailing envelope they send in the box and head over to their website to check which items you liked and which ones are going back.

You then have the opportunity to give some personal notes to your stylist as to why certain items worked and why other ones didn’t really work out. You then can leave a message stating things you would like to see more of in you next box!


If you haven’t check out Wantable yet, head on over to their website or Facebook page and see for yourself! I promise you will not be disappointed.



This post was sponsored by Wantable, but as always all opinion as my own. 

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