Style a bandana scarf

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Style a bandana scarfStyle a bandana scarf


Hello Lovelies!


So, how did everyone’s week go? Mine was a little on the slow side, so I’m super pumped for the weekend. I’ve got to say though, since I started working out again regularly, I seem to have so much more energy. Is that a thing?


Anywho, back on topic. One trend I have been a little bit slower in following is the neck/bandana scarf trend. I guess I was just little bit hesitant to try it out, simply because I didn’t want to look like a cowboy in a western film. LOL.

But, I realized that I was being slightly hypocritical in not trying out the trend when I encourage so many women around me to try new things and not be afraid to step out of your fashion comfort zone.

So, all of that to say, I have finally embraced this new trend and decided to put together a blog post on how to style a bandana scarf two different ways. Of course there are so many other ways you could incorporate these into your wardrobe, but I thought I would start with two so as not to be overwhelming.


1. Tie it around your bun

Or ponytail. This look is so simple and automatically elevates your hairstyle, not matter what you happen to by rocking that day. And it can serve as a headband and hide two day old hair. HAHA.

2. As a choker

This is definitely more of a daring thing for me since I’m not hugely into chokers, and I kind of had to work with this so it didn’t look westerny. And this would be a great to wear as a stamentent piece with an all black outfit or a fancy black dress.


So, what about you? How would you style a bandana scarf? Have you tried this trend yet?

If you like what you see, please share!

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