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As a blogger and writer, it’s super hard for me to focus at home when trying to work for some reason. Honestly, I think with the distractions of everything at home that I could be doing and also just the fact that my space is not super motivating, I need to be somewhere that only writing and blogging can be accomplished. So, I always head out to one of my favorite coffee shops and just hang out all day. Not only do I get a ton done, I also get to bask in the atmosphere of a place that is inspirational and also peaceful.

However, coffee shops are also really good for just hanging out and chatting. I’ve been wanting to compile a list of my favorite places to share with you guys, just in case you venture into my southern territory and want to know where to go. I’ve got my top eight coffee shops that I head to on a regular basis along with a few ones that I recently checked out and really love below.


coffee shops

1. Gallery Espresso

DESCRIPTION: very pleasant atmosphere with an eclectic feel to the shop. My favorite spot is by the window being able to people watch and also feeling like I am tucked away. The seating is grouped all over the shop, including spots to sit by fireplaces. Best part is, you can easily walk here.

WHAT I ORDER: typically I pick one of their teas ( they have over 50 to choose from ! ), but if I’m wanting food, the chicken salad sandwich is my go-to.



coffee shops

2. Savannah Coffee Roasters

DESCRIPTION: larger floor plane but still has cozy seating; lower lighting gives this coffee shop more ambiance. On colder days, you can sit by the fireplace and read. This one is also within walking distance of most of Savannah.

WHAT I ORDER: it really varies here. Any of their Soups of the Day are delicious and they usually have a nice roast brewed. Their selection of pastries is also really hard to pass up.




DESCRIPTION: very open space with a more studious feel. A lot of students like to come here and work on projects, so it’s a little quieter and a bit off the beaten path. You will need a car to get to this one.

WHAT I ORDER: honestly, they have a seasonal favorite right now that is Spiced Ginger Turmeric latte and it is like gingerbread in a mug. Definitely something I would highly recommend ordering while it’s still available.



4. Foxy Loxy Cafe

DESCRIPTION: calm atmosphere, but full of life. Smaller, more intimate rooms and not a lot of space, but definitely a must stop by. Less crowded during the week and on the off hours.

WHAT I ORDER: whatever the taco of the day is! They have the best tacos. And their cold tea is really good.



coffee shops

5. The Coffee Fox

DESCRIPTION: if you were wondering, yes this coffee shop is related to Foxy Loxy. And it’s just as nice. The layout is very intimate, so not a lot of space, but the esthetic is very pleasing and has lots of light ( honestly a photographers dream! ).

WHAT I ORDER: Chai Tea latte or a Dirty Chai. Any of their baked goods are really tasty and they have a lot of vegan options.



coffee shops

6. Cup to Cup

DESCRIPTION: another cute, smaller coffee shop off the beaten path. You can sit at the counter or grab a table in the back. It’s a nice place for meeting someone or getting work done, as it’s pretty quiet.

WHAT I ORDER: I may be a little bit predictable, but I’m a huge fan of Chai Tea lattes and their’s is literally the best one I have ever had. Not too sweet, not from a box, and just the right amount of foam. You have to try one if you go.



7. Vics on the River Coffee House

DESCRIPTION: great location for a date. The lighting is low, the atmosphere very quiet and chill, and it’s below the best restaurant in Savannah in my opinion, so you can grab dinner if you want. The only draw back is they have televisions overhead and though they aren’t super loud, it’s just something I find a little irritating.

WHAT I ORDER: any tea or coffee works. They don’t have a huge selection, but its very tasty and you are mainly there for the atmosphere anyway. You can see the river from the coffee house.



coffee shops

8. Mirabelle

DESCRIPTION: the cutest little coffee shop ever! The decor is like stepping into a fairytale storybook, but not in an overwhelming way. It’s got a beautiful esthetic and the atmosphere is very chill. It’s below a bed and breakfast, which is very reasonably priced, so you can stay and eat in the same place if you want.

WHAT I ORDER: along with a nice selection of hot teas, the thing that they are known for is their waffles! And you guys know how much I LOVE waffles. They have about 7-8 to choose from depending on the time of year and their selections range from sweet to savory. You will want to try them all!



So, which of the coffee shops are you wanting to head to? Leave me a comment and let me know! Or if you have a question, drop it down below or head to Instagram.


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