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Hello Lovelies!


Ok, I’m just going to say it. I procrastinated this post so much this week. And I have no idea why. Why do we procrastinate on things we like doing?


Anyway, down to brass tacks.

So, last fall, I came across these amazing Soludos shoes on Poshmark for a staggeringly cheap price, especially since they were practically new ( the owner had only worm them once ). I quickly snapped them up and then packed them away in my closet, as the weather had turned at that point.

They sat in my closet for six very long months. I kept seeing them and really wanted to wear them, but the weather just wasn’t appropriate yet.

And then it happened. The weather warmed up to a balmy seventy degrees! I was so thrilled, I yanked them out of my closet immeadiately and put them on.

And fell deeply in love. Theses were some of the comfiest shoes I had ever worn. Especially since they tied around the ankle and that can sometimes be uncomfortable. Not with these shoes.

And they aren’t hard on the bottom. Recently, I discovered that my knees would hurt if I wore flat bottomed shoes, so I slaways try to find something with an arch, or adding in. But the bottom of these shoes is so cushiony to the foot bed and are the perfect, comfiest shoes to wear if you’re going to be walking around a lot.

Now, I will add that these shoes are a little bit pricey brand new, so definitely check out Poshmark and see if you can find someone selling a pair they haven’t worn or have only worn once or twice. They run TTS and do come in half sizes.

If you’re looking for spring shoes that are the comfiest and look cute, these are the shoes for you! Go check them out. Oh and FYI, this post is not sponsored, I just really love these shoes.

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