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Hello Lovelies!


One thing that makes a huge impression on me is how well hair products perform. I mean it’s all well and good to find something inexpensive that gets the job done so to speak, but honestly a great hair product will make you want to tell your co-workers and will speak for itself in how well your hair looks all on its own.

I’ve found this to be true with Kenra products. They hold up under humidity and outside elements so well and yet your hair doesn’t feel weighed down at all. The products have a very light and airy feel when applied.

And once you have applied these products, the hair will stay stylish and have a very nice, lasting finish. It’s not moving anywhere!


1| Air Grip Hairspray- Provides 50% more grip to your hair instantly and tons of volume! The hair has a lightness to it, but at the same time superior hold.

2| Whip Grip Mousse- This mousse is also a volume enhancer, while keeping the hair from feeling weighed down.

3| High Grip Spray- You get a solid 24hr hold with the spray. No more curls falling out halfway through your night out on the town.


Definitely check out Kenra and let me know what you think of their hair products.



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