I constantly feel burnt out on a daily basis and unfortunately, packing up and taking a trip just isn’t always an option- though if you have the ability, I would highly recommend doing it! For me, it’s finding the small, everyday things that can be simple but also so relaxing and recharging.

self care

1. A book and hot drink

Maybe this sounds very basic, but for me, it’s very therapeutic and helps with completely relaxing the mind. It’s also really helpful for winding down before bed. Although it’s really convenient, I would refrain from using something like the book app on your iPad on phone and read a paper book, unless you have something that does not include backlighting.

2. Take a walk

This one is a huge help to me on so many levels. It really helps me to recharge my mind by getting out in nature and breathing fresh air. Walking is just enough motion to relieve stress without fatiguing your body further.

self care

3. Draw a hot bath

This is my favorite way to unwind. Nothing says relax more than wonderful smelling bath salts and warm water. I use this method the most at the end of stressful days and I use these bath salts to just unwind from reality and completely relax.

4. Do some stretching

This is a self care method that I have more recently discovered and I am so here for it. Taking a moment to just breath and relax the muscles in your body will change how the rest of your day goes. Try this first thing in the morning to start your day in a clear head space.

5. Get a massage

This is another one of my top methods of relaxing and taking a self care day. Take a whole afternoon to book a massage and them just go home and revel in how wonderfully fresh your body feels. If you’re local to Savannah, you need to book with Kaitlyn of Peacefully Rooted. Her services also include singing bowls and hot stones.

I hope I’ve given some helpful tips for your to start using to practice self care in your everyday life. If you try any of these methods, let me know how it goes.

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