sexy legs

sexy legs

Hello Lovelies!


I cannot tell you how ready I am for looking tan again. My poor little milky legs look awful right now. Just FYI…the picture is deceptive. My legs do not have any color.

And speaking of, one of the biggest things about living in a warmer climate is the year-round shorts wear you can do. Yes, we actually do have only 2 days of cold every year. And cold consists of about 40 degrees at the coldest.

So, if it’s not going to be cold enough for me to wear my wonderful fluffy sweaters, chunky scarves, and ankle booties, then its going to be warm enough for me to wear shorts and sandals. Only one problem…read back to the beginning of this post.


So now that you know my problem, you’ll also want to know the solution right? Of course you do. I know there are those of you wanting to wear shorts right now too, but you just can’t get past the pale.

Enter Say Hello To Sexy Legs bronzing gel. The bomb stuff! Can someone say miracle worker? My legs went from pale to a bronzy glow. Perfection! I’m usually a self-tanner girl, but this stuff is better. Who says you can’t have sexy legs in January? And because I love you guys so much, I’m sharing a tutorial below for how to apply with before and after photos. You’re welcome.

( Pictures are in order of application )


1 | Start with moisturized legs.

Actually I think you could probably skip the moisturizing. The gel is actually a moisturizer, but I always put on in-shower lotion, so thats how I started. The below picture is a before, but it’s slightly shadowy. Sorry about that. Window angles can be weird.

2 | Apply bronzing gel.

You honestly can’t put on too much of this stuff. It glides onto your skin and leaves your legs feeling so soft. And did I mention the amazing smell? Like a tropical island. Rub it in in a circular direction. Also, this stuff dries in like 2 seconds. Amazing!

3 | Apply illuminating lotion.

After applying bronzing gel, put illuminating lotion on top. It has a nice shimmer to it, giving your legs the beautiful glow they are in serious need of. This step also dries really quickly.

4 | Apply contour stick.

This one was a little bit tricky for me. I’ve never contoured my legs before, so I was a little bit uncertain how to proceed. But honestly, just flexing your calf muscle and drawing a thin line down the crease then blending with your fingers give a nice, toned shadow where your muscle is.


sexy legs sexy legs sexy legs






sexy legs sexy legs sexy legs sexy legs sexy legs sexy legs sexy legs

sexy legs

sexy legs


And there you have it! Super sexy legs that are going out worthy. And you don’t have to worry about the bronzing gel coming off on your clothes or furniture. It’s the perfect addition to your skin’s beauty collection.


So don’t let pale legs keep you from wearing what you want when you want. Head to Sephora and pick up your own Say Hello To Sexy Legs kit. You definitely won’t be disappointed.


sexy legs

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