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Ok, first off there is literally NO EXCUSE for my lack of posting. All I can claim is very poor planning on my part.

So, to make up for the fact I haven’t posted in forever ( literally since Thanksgiving week ), I throwing a giveaway to one of my favorite local stores, The Savannah Bee Company.



savannah bee

savannah bee



To give you guys some background on the store’s story and how it got started, Ted Dennard started the company in 1999 after developing an interest in bees from childhood. An elderly beekeeper, Roy Hightower, sparked Ted’s curiosity with bees and he’s been working with them ever since.

His company has been in business for over 35 years and the products he produces are top of the line and work extremely well. I can attest to the lotion Savannah Bee produces as being the best I’ve ever used!



savannah bee

savannah bee



Back in the summer of this year, I developed a sort of heat rash on my legs and it itched like crazy. Nothing worked to resolve it, and I literally tried every single cream on the market ( that was within my price range ).

But nothing worked and I was literally ready to give up and make an appointment with the dermatologist when I remembered my aunt telling me about how local honey helped with healing, since it is antibacterial. Well, I walked into Savannah Bee and purchased their Honey Body Lotion with high hopes.

And it didn’t disappoint. I was amazed! After just one use, my skin instantly called down and there was zero itching! I used it right out of the shower and my legs felt so soft and moisturized. Best thing about it for me was the fact that it’s not sticky. Some lotions tend to sit on the surface of your skin and leave a residue behind; not Savannah Bee. They literally have the best lotion in the world and I will never buy anything else.

Along with awesome body lotion, Savannah Bee also sells a variety of beauty products as well as some of the best local honey you will ever eat. They have a particular product called Whipped Honey and it’s so perfect for spreading on toast or nestle just eating with a spoon! My personal favorite is the Cinnamon Whipped Honey and I’m going to try the Chocolate next. I mean, can you think of a better combination than honey with chocolate?

So all of that to say, for this joyous holiday season, I am teaming up with them to give away their Bee the Balm gift set. Seriously, once you use these once, you will never by chapstick or any other brand of lip balm again. Super moisturizing and not waxy in the least! Plus they don’t have that strange beeswax taste either.

It’s so easy to enter. Just click on the widget below, or head over to my Instagram @ashleighsutlive and follow the instructions on the latest post. The giveaway will run for a week and the winner will be announced next Tuesday, December 12.

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Created in partnership with Savannah Bee Company but as always, all options are my own. 

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