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tourist outfit tourist outfit tourist outfit tourist outfit tourist outfit


Hello Lovelies!


You’ve all been there. You’re walking down the street of your home town, you happen to glance over at  recently erected memorial, and you see several people in Hawaiian flowered shirts, socks and sandals, with a big straw hat and walking. You instantly think, ‘tourists’.

I’m not really sure where these ridiculous ideas for dressing originated from, but since I know I all of you never want to be ‘that guy’, I’ve included a few tips below on how to be a tourist without dressing like one. Wearing a stylish tourist outfit is super simple. Read on.


1 | Comfortable shoes. Yes, socks with sandals may actually be comfortable, but seriously? Who actually started this? Wearing comfortable, supportive shoes are important though. Opt for a pair of open-toed wedges or a even dressy flip-flops.

2 | Wear a light outfit. It’s summer and that means humidity. Wearing a skirt allows you to still get plenty of air flow while also being extremely comfortable. Also t-shirts made of cotton are super breathable and will keep you cooler.

3 | Face shade. Even with sunscreen on, my face tends to burn if exposed to the sun for a long period of time. Walking around outside requires coverage and a comfy baseball cap is perfect for that. It also hides 3 day old hair. Just sayin’.


I hope these tips were helpful. Leave me a comment saying how you style your tourist outfit.

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