pattern mixing

pattern mixing

pattern mixing

pattern mixing

pattern mixing

pattern mixing

pattern mixing

pattern mixing

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Hello Lovelies!


Ever wondered how people pull of the whole pattern mixing thing?

Well, I’m going to let you in a on little secret. Lean in very closely. *whispering* It only involves two rules.

*resumes normal speaking voice* Surprised you didn’t I? Yep, pattern mixing only involves two very basic principles and if you follow these you’ll never go wrong.

So what are these magical rules, you ask? Well, I’ll tell you.


1 | Size is everything.

When mixing patterns, you have to remember that you are taking two different looking bunch of shapes and putting them side by side. If these shapes are the same size, you could end up with an eye test or a brain explosion. Let me explain. If you’re putting together a bouquet of flowers, do you use all the same type flower, size, shape, color? Well, only if you’re going for a very monochromatic look. No, you want a very diverse bouquet. Same with patterns. When paring them, think of how you want the eye to flow.

Always pair a small print with a larger one. It’s really just that simple. If you’ve got a large pattern on bottom, put a small print on top. And visa versa. This way the eye isn’t being over stimulated or taxed.


2 | Paint by color.

The other main factor with mixing patterns is the colors. If you take a blue and pink polka dot top and pair it with bright yellow and black striped pants, chances are you’re to be mistaken for someone who just escaped from the nut house. Seriously, that combo would only work in the films.

When putting your patterns together, make sure they share one color in common. It honestly doesn’t even matter which one. Just make sure your yellow and black pants are paired with a top maybe slightly less engaging and that it has either black or yellow in it.


Now, lets take this a step further and talk about pattern mixing with the same pattern.

3 | Don’t be matchy-matchy.

If you’re going to to pair two patterns that are exactly the same ( like me above and if you are, bravo! that’s totally awesome ), be sure to make one of the patterns smaller than the other and that they share a common color. It’s a little trickier pairing two similar patterns, but it can be done and I have every faith in you to pull it off.


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