Parking in Savannah Simplified


Parking in Savannah

One of the biggest things about visiting Savannah is figuring out where to find parking. It can be very tedious and stressful without knowing the city’s rules and if you’ve never been before, it’s like trying to figure out a puzzle without having the box.

But, with the right tools, you can find parking fairly easily and save yourself a major headache.

Is Parking Difficult in Savannah?

Parking in Savannah can be very difficult, as it’s limited and fills up very quickly, especially on the weekends. The trick is to arrive early to find a space central to where you will be, so if you need to head back to your car for anything, it won’t be too far away.

Parking in Savannah Simplified

Where Do You Park When Visiting Savannah?

When visiting the city, there are three major ways to park; parking garages, parking lots, and street parking. Each of these methods have different rules in place, so knowing ahead of time how everything works is really helpful.

Parking Garages

These are usually all day parking for a set amount per hour and you’re charged as you leave. However, a lot of parking garages close at a certain each night, so if you leave your car there, be prepared to not be able to leave again until the next morning. Some garages even closed for the weekend.

Another thing to remember is that some garages won’t let you park overnight and will tow your car if you leave it there. Just be sure to read the signage.

Here is a link to the garages in Savannah

Parking Lots

There aren’t a lot of these and they are the most expensive parking in Savannah. Parking lots are also very strict with parking hours and will tow you if you leave your car past the time frame they advertise.

Street Parking

This is the most prevalent parking in Savannah and also the hardest usually to find. Parking in the heavily trafficked areas fills very quickly. Street parking is by the hour, so you have to make sure that you keep up with how long you have been in your space if you don’t plan on paying in full in advance.

You can use the Savannah Parking App for the digital meters.

Parking in Savannah

Parking Rates and Visitor Parking Passes

The city has several parking zones and the time frame and fees are different for each one.

Zone 1

Zone 1 is north of Liberty Street and the paid parking is enforced 8am-8pm. The maximum price is $2 an hour and there is no time limit. The parking in zone 1 can be accessed on the parking app.

Zone 2

Zone 2 is south of Liberty Street and the paid parking is enforced 8am-5pm. The maximum price is $1 an hour and there is no time limit. The parking in zone 2 can be accessed on the parking app.

Visitor Parking Passes

A Visitor Day Pass can be purchased for $24 for 2 days or $15 for 1 day and can be used at any metered area for any amount of time, unless it is a sweep zone. Check out this link for more info.

Is There Free Parking in Savannah?

There is some free parking in Savannah, but it’s not always marked or easy to find. For instance, street parking is free on Sunday, but it’s not advertised on the parking meters in an obvious way, so most people have no idea. Street parking is also free on holidays.

There are also spaces randomly placed around the city that have time-limited parking for free, but you must move your car after the time is up, or you risk getting a ticket.

Garage parking and parking lots are never free.

Where Can You Park Overnight in Savannah?

Most street spots are overnight parking spots, unless they are otherwise marked. Some streets have hours where street sweepers come through at certain times and your car can’t be there or you will receive a ticket.

There are some garages that allow overnight parking, but definitely read the signage to make sure.

Parking In Savannah on Weekends

Weekend parking in Savannah is different for each type of parking. Street parking is the same price on the weekend as during the week, except for Sunday when it is free.

Some garage parking is not available on the weekend and if you try to leave your car in a garage that is closed, it may be ticketed or towed.

Each parking lot has different rules, so just be sure to check the signage.

Savannah Parking App

With the invention of the parking app, you now don’t have to go back to pay your meter all day. It’s also very easy to navigate. You place your space number into the app and pay for the hours that you want. It will keep track of how much time you have left and will alert you when you are about to run out.

The app only works with the digital meters. There are still coin meters which would require you to go back and pay for more time.

Do I Need a Car to See Savannah?

Technically, no. Savannah has taxi services, so getting around can be done without your own car. If you’re staying in the downtown area, everything is walkable, so you don’t need a car at all for that.

Driving in Savannah at certain times can be more stressful than not due to traffic and the one way streets and squares, so it’s usually nicer not to have to worry about a car. When you weigh out the difference between paying for parking and taking a taxi, the price is pretty much the same.

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