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As some of you know ( if you were following along with my Instagram stories :), I recently took a trip into the Smoky Mountains. I cannot tell you how amazing it was to go back there after so many years. I actually had not been there since I was a kid! I planned the trip over the course of a year, but when the actual trip arrived, I really didn’t have a set-in-stone plan other than where I was going to stay ( and I will be showing you guys everything about that in a later post ).

However, the one aspect of traveling that I absolutely hate is packing. Ugh. Such a tedious process. Honestly, no matter how many times I do it, I always forget something. And I always remember it about half way to my destination.

So this time, even though I packed a day later than I planned and I did forget a few things ( thankfully replaceable things ), I did have all the necessities put together and an idea of what exactly I would need clothing wise.

pack for a week

pack for a week


The weather this time of year there is really unpredictable, so I packed for both hot and cold weather. And I’m glad I did. Monday was a chilly 58 degrees at the highest point of the day. While Friday was a balmy 78 degrees. So, I made sure that I had some sweaters and light weight long sleeved tops.

Along with clothing, I also planned out the shoes and accessories options I would be wearing. Because I’m not a huge fan of this empty travel container things, I like to buy mini versions of everything I use, which are perfect for travel packing. I found almost everything I use on a daily basis in travel form. And the things I couldn’t find travel sizes for, I used giant ziplock baggies to store them in.


pack for a week


All in all, I think I was able to properly pack for a week without sacrificing space in my luggage or having to pack more than two bags. Here are my tips for how to pack for a week and still have a light suitcase.


1 | Check the weather.

Like I said above, packing for this trip was a bit tricky, but I planned for anything that was thrown at me. It would have been disastrous if I had only packed for cold days or really warm tempts. The trick is to pack something that can be layered over or under something else; that way, as the day wears on and the temperature changes, you can take a layer or two off and then put them on again when it starts to get cold.


2 | Buy travel size

I HATE having to switch my items into those tedious travel containers. I would much rather just throw everything into a small bag and run! I found that Target has a great selection of miniature products and also Kroger, if thats more convenient. If you order anything online, check to see if they stock a travel size and when you place your order, add the mini along with it and boom! you’ve got your travel size for next time.


3 | Pack versatile items

I packed in my bag,


I was trying to think of items that would be easy to mix and match. I actually had a different outfit for everyday, but you could easily pack even less than this if you didn’t mind wearing something more than once. I wanted items that would be comfy and fashionable at the same time.

I will say, to pack for a week when you know you will be no where near home is not an easy task. You can’t just run home if you forgot that top or scarf you wanted to pair with this outfit. I will admit that I ran more than once to the outlet stores ( they had a fantastic Tanger Outlet mall ten minutes from where I was staying ) to grab something I forgot to pack or just wanted to pair with an outfit ( thankfully, everything was on great clearance ).

But if you pick easy, versatile pieces, you shouldn’t have any trouble packing everything you need for the week.


4 | Use a clothing app

I love using Cladwell for my daily outfits. If you’ve never hear of them, Cladwell is a clothing app that takes all the clothes in your closet and matches them into outfits. The app is amazing in that it can find so many combinations with so few clothes. It connects to your weather app on your phone and gives you an outfit that corresponds to temperature that day. You can create clothing capsules within the app for different occasions. This made it really easy to pack for a week, for I simply placed my items I packed in the capsule and was given a new outfit to wear everyday, without repeating anything.


Packing should not be a daunting task. With these tips, you will be packing for a week in no time at all and still have loads of room for everything else! So, what are some tips you use to pack for a week?

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