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Welcome back! Honestly, just going to jump right in, since I don’t know how else to start, lol. With being at home and having more time on my hands than normal, I’ve taken o cleaning out my closet and starting over fresh for this season. It’s actually the most refreshing thing in the work to do and I would highly recommend it.

However, with cleaning out comes all the sale emails in my inbox. And yes, I have fallen prey to many of them. But, for the first time in my buying history ( ok, I might have done this before, but not really consciously ), I bought only things that replaced things that were broken/messed up/torn/etc. or they were items of investment that I can wear/use for years to come.

How did I land upon this genius scheme? Well, I can’t take all the credit; a blogger I follow posted a spring cleaning series that really motivated me to just go for it. And you wouldn’t believe some of the things I found in my closet/drawers/under my bed/hidden away. It made me feel a little bit ashamed to see how much money I’d spent over the years on things that were completely useless or things that I didn’t ever use. And the thought of throwing it all away was not a pleasant one either, even though I really didn’t need any of it and it needed to go somewhere. ( Don’t worry, I saved it all and am donating it. )




It made me realize more than ever how easy it can be to fall down the rabbit hole of ‘needing’ and spending. I completely understand the feeling of walking into a store and wanting to buy new things. There’s a small satisfaction in it and you get a little boost of happiness. But it doesn’t really last and then you’re left with a thing and no good feeling.

I’ve been taking a course over the past few weeks on the Science of Happiness and one of the things they talk about is this concept of miswanting- we think we want certain things, but in the end, they don’t satisfy. Instead, using our resources for something intangible, such as an experience, is much more rewarding. It got me to thinking- I love to travel; why not start saving towards that and not spend money on things that are short term?

The idea really resonated with me and I was very happy with it. I then thought about the items I had purchased recently and instead of feeling guilty, I decided to except them, use them well and enjoy them, and move forward from there. And as I said before, these were very intentionally purchased pieces, so they will receive a lot of wear and use.





One of those items is the skirt I’m wearing in the photos. It’s one of those classic pieces that I now I will wear for years to come. Here are my criteria for purchasing an item, be it a skirt or any piece:

  1. It has to fit- I have worn so many things in my lifetime that did not fit me well and there is nothing worse than pulling and tugging at your clothing when you’re out and about, instead of just being able to enjoy the moment.
  2. It has to be versatile- if something I’m thinking of purchasing can only be worn one way or in one type venue or with only one type of accessory, then it stays. I deliberately pick pieces that can be worn multiple ways ( see example skirt above ).
  3. It has to fit my style- I’ve purchased so many things in the past that were not really my style, but they were on sale and I really wanted something new. Sale items don’t necessarily constitute a good buy.

And those are my criteria! Pretty simple and with this in mind, you’ll be able to mix and match clothing to your hearts content. So you can style one skirt three ways or twenty ways.

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