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office casual


Hello Lovelies!


Wow, ok never going that long without publishing a post again. It felt so awful. Time just wasn’t my friend this week.


So, how many of you have office jobs? *raises hand* And how many of you struggle each morning with putting an outfit together? *raises hand a little less eagerly* Yes, I have stood where you are and I’m here to tell you, it’s not as difficult as I used to think. Today I’m sharing a few office casual styling tips.


1 | It’s in the shoes.

Yes, I am serious. I’ve found when I struggling with putting an outfit together, if I grab a pair of shoes and hold them up to my closet, I can usually pull an outfit together.

2 | Repeat.

I’m one of those people who hates to wear something more than once in a week. Not sure why, but it bother me. However, not being a Rockefeller, I can’t go out constantly and buy new clothes. So, I’ll wear one outfit, then another, and then switch the shirt on the first outfit and wear it with the pants in the second one, or pair the skirt I wore on Monday with a button down with a sweater on Friday. This way, it seems like you’re wearing new clothes all the time.

3 | Casual, yet polished.

Take pieces you would wear casually and pair them with dressy pieces. Like my outfit for example, I paired a casual top with nude pumps and black slacks. Anything can be versatile if you pair it with the right items.

4 | Go all black.

If you’re really struggling and pressed for time, you can’t go wrong with an all black outfit. It looks really chic and polished. It also it super easy for accessorizing.


So, there are my office casual tips! If you think of anymore, please leave me a comment below.

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