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New Years

New Years  
New Years New Years New Years New Years New Years New Years


Well Hello!


Yes, I know, where have I been? Life can be so crazy sometimes. There is so much that has been happening behind the scenes here. But I’m back and I’m really grateful for your patience.


So, what has life looked liked for me lately? Well, honestly, I have been on a bit of a roller coaster, but sometimes you need those to enjoy the ground.


For this post, I’m rounding up 19 things I learned/did/experienced/discovered and what I’m looking forward to in the new year.


1. The blog turned 8 on January 11th. I really couldn’t believe that I had been blogging for 8 years, but here we are! Soon to be 9. 😉

2. I discovered how important mental health is and why we all have to take it easy on ourselves; taking time for ourselves is so important for staying happy and healthy.

3. I ran my first 5k. And it was awesome! Blog post coming soon on some tips for first time 5kers.

4. I flew for the first time! I visited a friend who lives in St. Louis, MO and since I really couldn’t see myself having to drive that far, flying was the best option. And I really enjoyed it. Post coming on that soon too!

5. I attended my first blogging conference. TBSCon was an amazing experience and one I wouldn’t trade. If you’re looking for a good conference to start out with and you’ve never been to one before, The Blog Societies Conference is a really good one. There is no overwhelm and it’s really helpful!

6. I ran my first half marathon. And it was also amazing, but if you don’t train for it, you will surely pay! Don’t be like Ashleigh; train your little butt off and you will have the time of your life. Blog post on this coming soon.

7. I traveled to 8 different cities this year and each one has really unique memories; Washington DC, Chattanooga TN, Adairsville GA, Jacksonville and St. Augustine FL, St. Louis MO, Dothan AL, Charleston SC.

8. I experienced heartbreak. Not something I really wanted to talk about, but it is something I experienced.

9. I went camping for the first time. Ok, so maybe it wasn’t what most would call camping, but it was pretty outdoorsy and very fun.

10. I got the privilege to help a business get started. Shop Leather Bird is probably one of my favorite small shops I’ve ever worked with and I really can’t wait to continue the partnership!

11. Discovered the Enneagram and what my number is. Can you guess?  It’s such a helpful personality test you can take; I never realized how complex people are and how important it is to meet people where they are.

12. Got up and watched the sunrise and have decided to make it a yearly ritual for the day after Thanksgiving, regardless of where I am.

13. Made so many amazing new friends and learned that sometimes you have to let go of relationships, even if they seemed good at the start.

14. Rediscovered my own home town. It’s a pretty cool place.

15. Started writing my own stories. Not really ready to share them with anyone yet, but I’m enjoying the creative process.

16. Rebranded the blog slightly, which I was really happy about. Going to be embracing more lifestyle type content for the future.

17. Met several bloggers who I have admired for years at the blogging conference. It was so great to talk over ideas with them and swap blogging tips.

18. I was featured in a magazine for Savannah’s hotspots. You can see the article HERE.

19. Rediscovered my love of the beach. I used to take the beach for granted, since I grew up right next to one, but I’m realized how much I really can’t do without it.


And that’s a wrap! Can’t believe we are already starting a new decade, but honestly, I can’t wait to start afresh. If there is something better than an ending, its a new beginning. What are some of your goals for the new year?

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