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So, now that you are all prepared for blogging like a pro this year from the helpful tips in my last post…lol, just kidding. I do hope those tips were helpful, but I definitely do not put myself in the pro spot when it comes to blogging.

However, if you are thinking about all the resolutions you made on January 1st and wishing that you were keeping them, or maybe you are still going strong but are worried that you will fall off the back wagon, I’m going to share some ways I have kept and am keeping my resolutions.


But first, allow me to go back in time to December 31st, 2018.

It’s New Years Eve and I’m at the home of some very sweet friends. We’ve had dinner and are sitting around playing some board games. The night is winding down to midnight and I’m starting to think about my drive home. I live about 45 minutes outside of town, so it’s a bit of a trek for me anywhere I go, which is also a huge pain in the behind. And ( without revealing the source ) someone had been impressing on me how very dangerous it was to drive on New Years Eve with millions of drunk people blazing trails through the streets ( this was of course an exaggeration, but it still instilled worry in me ).

So, here I was, sitting there, wanting to ring in New Years with this really sweet group of friends, but also not wanting to put myself in danger ( and in hind site, I was never in danger, I just let this person get in my head ). I decided to head home around 11:30. Not really happy with this decision, but thinking that it was probably the right one. I remember getting in my car to leave and instantly feeling stupid and wanting to go back inside. But then my pride kicked in and I didn’t want to look super indecisive by going back to the house and going back inside, so I drove home.

I surfed though the radio stations and could not find a single one ringing in the new year. Not one.  I then watched on my dashboard as the time switched from 11:59 to 12:00 and felt utterly dejected. This was probably the lamest way I had ever rung in New Years and I was so disappointed. I also had this horrible feeling that my year was going to follow this night, disappointing.


Well, the year itself was the biggest learning year I have ever had. So many things happened to me and around me and I haven’t felt that crazy ever. It didn’t turn out to be disappointing like I thought, although I did experience disappointment, but turned out to truly be a year to stretch me beyond my comfort zone on an extreme level.

I made new friends, got very close to others, learned to let some go…realized that mental health is a huge deal and not something to sneeze at…opened my heart to love and got it broken pretty badly, teaching me that people will not fill the emptiness we feel inside, nor should they…and learning that being my own person despite what family/friends/church/work think you should be, is ok.

But, back to resolutions. With all of that happening on December 31st, I didn’t really give any thought to changing anything in my life. Resolutions never stuck with me anyway, so what was the point? However, I couldn’t just give up…I had to try to have at least one. Keeping one couldn’t be that heard, could it? I decided that I would make my bed everyday. It was actually a concept drilled into our heads by my youth pastor when I was in high school. If you wanted to make a good impression on someone, make your bed wherever you are…a hotel, friends home, or even your own.


So, making my bed it was. And it actually stuck! With the exception of a few days, I made my bed everyday and it felt great. There is just something about pulling the covers down and crawling into bed each night. And if I was going to be away from home for a few days, I would make my bed so it looked tidy to anyone poking their head into my room.

This year, I decided to go from having just one resolution to having five. I wasn’t actually going to have any resolutions this year, but again, I realized that I could do this and so came up with five things that I really wanted to accomplish this year. How do I intend on keeping these resolutions? Well, honestly, the easiest way to keep a promise you’ve made to yourself is to pick something that is very achievable. If I decided that I was going to travel to the seven wonders of the world this year, knowing that I don’t have the budget nor the time, that would be an extremely impossible resolution to keep. But in picking things that are attainable, I have no excuses.


So, what are my resolutions?


1. Run five races this year.

I have actually already signed up for three, so just have to pick two more. The training part is what I’m struggling with at the moment, but I am determined.

2. Return to a regulated exercise routine.

I started this last year in February and then after three hard core months, I hit some snags in my personal life and just stopped. I intend to get back into it this year. And I’m using this app, which I love and highly recommend.

3. Blog at least once a week.

At first I thought I would do twice, but decided to go with something more attainable to my own personal schedule.

4. Work with at least three local hotels on blogging campaigns.

This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while, just haven’t gotten up the nerve yet. Savannah is such a beautiful place and I would love to be a guide of information about it.

5. Travel to two large cities.

I haven’t decided which cities these are yet, but I’m very excited about the prospect of seeing new places.


If you are still thinking about your resolutions, just remember, start with one and make it very attainable. A lot like exercising, as you start to move through the discomfort of starting, you can add more things to your list and make them harder as time goes on.


Photographs were taken by the lovely Tricia Veldman.

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