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Never have I realized just how important self care was until I moved out on my own. The weight of life is crazy heavy and nothing seems to make sense. Finding small ways to relieve the stress of everyday life and relax has become a must for the past few weeks. 

One of my favorite ways to unwind and release a lot of tension is to get a massage. Now these can be tricky; I’ve had several experiences over the years and all of them were different and not all of them were the best.

Back in May, I decided that I wanted a day to relax and since it was my birth month, I thought I would get a massage. One of my friends on Instagram had shared that a new massage therapist named Kaitlyn had just moved into town and was looking for new clients, so I looked her up. Her website Peacefully Rooted shared so many great options and so I decided to book an appointment. I was also pleasantly surprised with the fact that she was very active on Instagram personally, which helped me to be able to see who she was and what she was like beforehand. 


self care self care


When I arrived, the room was pleasantly fragranced with essential oils and the lighting and music were so soothing. One of the things I loved about the intake sheet was that I could specify whether or not certain things bothered me- like fragrance or lotions- and also if I needed anything specific for my massage- certain body parts and just the type of pressure in general.

She will tell you to undress to your level of comfort, but guys, she is so good with tucking the sheet firmly around you I would highly recommend not wearing anything, just to feel completely relaxed. Also, the table has a warmer, so you will not feel cold at all.


self care self care self care


The massage was heavenly! It was so relaxing and my body felt so refreshed afterward. Kaitlyn was so kind and gentle and the lines of communication were open the entire time. I had gotten massages before where I felt like I could’t communicate to the person how it felt and that it needed to be different, but with Kaitlyn, no matter what, you can change things up the entire time. She also takes her time, which I love, gently rubbing out all the stress wrinkles that your muscles acquire over time. 

Afterwards, she gives you plenty of time to get dressed and offers water, if you would like it. I didn’t want to move, I felt so relaxed. 

Along with massage, Kaitlyn also offers Sound Healing and Energy Healing. The Sound Healing uses Tibetan/Himalayan singing bowls. This practice is very soothing and a nice addition to your massage. 


self care self care


My experience with Kaitlyn was phenomenal. I really can’t say enough nice things about the work she does. Along with her deft hands, she has a gentle, kind spirit that truly puts you at ease and makes the entire massage so enjoyable. 

So, if you’re in Savannah and want a truly relaxing self care day, you need to book a massage at Peacefully Rooted


Photos courtesy of Lauren Jones Photography, Jones & Co., and Kaitlyn Johnson

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