When I started traveling about 4 years ago, I really had no idea what I was doing. I mean, I knew how to Google hotels and I could remember places I had visited that were fun, but as to actually planning a trip with resources and then executing said trip, I was completely clueless.

I planned my first trip to Chattanooga, but knew I wanted to stay nearby, simply to save money, so I used my memory and booked a hotel in Dalton GA, where I had stayed previously. At the time, I had a dog and since she was coming with me, I needed a hotel that was pet friendly. I used an app that I had previously used for reviewing restaurants and I was able to find the perfect place. From there, my travel app collection grew. It’s amazing how nice it is to have all the info you need right at your fingertips. I also keep all of my travel apps in one block on my phone under travel so I have them at the tap of my fingers.

So, for all my new travelers looking to find out how to start traveling easier or my seasoned veterans who are just curious about what I discovered, here are my top favorite travel apps I use pretty regularly for and when traveling. Most of them are free with paid add ons.


Tripadvisor– free app

This app is the bomb!! I can’t recommend it enough. It’s so easy to find and book the best hotels/rentals/cabins/campsites you name it! This was where I found the hotel for me and my dog and it had just been renovated, so everything was brand new and so clean. Sophie loved to lick carpet, so I needed somewhere that would not have tons of germs or gross things for her to put in her stomach. This app is really good with people leaving very honest reviews about the places they have stayed, so I trust it implicitly.

TripScout– free app

I love this app! You start by placing the city you want to visit into the search page and it pulls up every article that has ever been written on the place. You can then build an itinerary for your entire trip right in the app.

Dyrt– free app with paid options

This app is for those who love to camp. You place the city where you are or you’re going and it pulls up every camp site/rv park/cabin location in that spot. Plus, the app has a review section for you to leave one or to search for one. There’s also a pro option if you want to upgrade.

Waze– free app

This app is helpful for finding your way around a new city. Since you won’t be familiar with the traffic patterns of the city, it’s super helpful with telling you where to head and where to avoid. It also lets you know where road blocks are, where care accidents have happened, where cops are positioned, and a myriad of other things. The app is run by everyone who is on it, so the info is always pretty current. Plus, you can input info if you come across something that people should know.

Airbnb– free app

This app is great for finding places to stay in cities when you’re shopping on a budget. It works even better if you’re traveling with someone and can split the cost, but honestly, this is the best app I’ve seen for finding places that aren’t extremely expensive but are still very nice. Again, the app has a lot of features that help you to plan your trip and save all the info you find on each place.

Go ahead and try out some of these travel apps; they’re awesome! I hope that your next trip you plan goes very well now that you have a lot of resources at your fingertips.

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