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A couple of weeks ago on my Instagram, I introduced a new feature that I can’t wait to start rolling out. I’m calling it Maker of the Month and every month I want to highlight another local maker that I have had the privilege of working with or purchasing their products. The community where I live is filled with so many wonderful creative people and I just love the thought of showcasing their work for you guys.



This months Maker is Alexandra Forby of Daughter Handwovens. She is a weaver and handcrafter. Her creations are so lovely and completely versatile. The handcrafting just makes me swoon. I literally didn’t want to use the hand towel or apron for the longest time, simply because I didn’t want to get them dirty!



I honestly can’t recommend her shop enough. She has such a range of things from baby blankets to napkins to scrunchies. She also sells household items, such as wool dryer balls and carved soap holders. Check out her website here for all her beautiful creations! And if you’re in Savannah, head to Abode Studios to meet the creator in person.

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