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Hello Lovelies!


So, you know those days when you’ve finished a long day at work and your digging through your purse, but you can’t seem to find your keys anywhere. So, in frustration, you dump everything out, and then realize how much stuff you have in your purse and that it’s all going to have to back in there? And then finding your keys doesn’t even seem like such a great victory?

Well, today I’m talking about a super nifty gadget that is going to make everything so much easier. No, it won’t clean your purse out ( I’m afraid you’re going to have to do that yourself ), but it will help you keep track of your keys.

It’s Beets BLU’s Pager Tag. This little device hangs on your key chain and connects to your phone using bluetooth technology. If you can’t find your keys in your bottomless pit ( which is what I loving call my purse ), then you simply open the pager app on your phone and have it transmit a signal to your pager tag. It emits beeps until you find your keys. Best of all, it’s very affordable.

So, no more excuses. Head over to Amazon and pick one up so you’ll never lose your keys again!

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