Long blazer

Long blazer Long blazer Long blazer Long blazer Long blazer


Hello Lovelies!


My time just flies by! I remember when theses photos were taken, and this was the only warm day for a about a month of time. Now, spring is right around the corner and I literally can’t wait to start wearing more warmer weather items.

Speaking of things changing, I have started to branch out in my fashion taste to try some things I think I would have shied away from before. One of those items is the long blazer.

I have a traditional length blazer that hits right at the waistline and has very defined arms and collar. However, when I saw this slightly oversized, but still fitted long blazer hanging in H&M, I knew I had to get it. It was just so unique and was honestly not something I would normally have picked. However, I have a drawing towards all unique clothing types, even if I don’t end up wearing them, so I was excited to add this one to my collection.

Ok, now on to styling the blazer!


1. Pair pattern with solid

I’m all for pattern mixing ( it is the coolest way to expand your outfit collection ), but when it comes to styling such a statement piece, let it speak for itself, don’t make it compete with another pattern. This also applies of the blazer is solid. Compliment it with a pattern.

2. Make sure it hits you below your rear

I found that the blazers I tried on the hit me right at the hip line really widened that part of my body visually. Try to have the blazer come past your bum and hit right below it.

3. Dress it up and down

This blazer would work with a fitted pencil skirt to my mid calf and it works with jeans ( like I have it above; Converse really helps with the styling too ). Play around with the blazer and try it with dressy and casual clothing.

4. Accessorize simply

Kind of the same thing as the patterns, wear simple accessories that won’t take away from the long blazer. It is the focal point of the outfit and you want it to stand out, not be overshadowed by lots of jewelry or even an over powering scarf.


These are just a few tips for styling a long blazer that I think are fun and unique. How would you style a blazer?


Photos by Paige Westberg of Paige Laurel Photography

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