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Back over Memorial Day weekend, which literally feels like yesterday ( time has gone by so quickly ), I took a short trip up to the mountains. It was a very much needed reprieve.

While getting ready for the trip, I started pondering what I would need to pack. I tend to be an over-packer by nature, and I didn’t want a ton of things I would have to unpack when I got back.

So, I made a plan and it worked perfectly! And today I going to share how to pack for the weekend without feeling as though you are over or under prepared.


pack for the weekend pack for the weekend

1 | Choose your wardrobe.

This seems so simple in theory. In reality, we all know the struggle of going on vaca and realizing that we left several items behind we really wanted, or we packed too many printed items and don’t have enough to pair them with. The struggle is real.

Start with finding out the weather for the week. Hopefully, it won’t be too all over the map. When I went the weather was very mild and rainy, so I knew to pack slightly warmer clothes. Give yourself some options. For warmer weather, pack short sleeves, but also a light jacket, just in case. For cooler, pack something that could be versatile in case the weather warms up a bit.

I like to pack one set of bottoms, two tops, and one or two pairs of shoes, and wear one of them while traveling to save space in the bag. I included a jacket in this grouping, but if you’re going somewhere extremely hot, you might want to substitute for a tank and shorts.


pack for the weekend


2 | Have miniatures.

Make sure that every little cosmetic item you intend on taking has a miniature version of itself to save space. Check on this ahead of time, so when packing day comes, you can just throw everything in your bag and go! I personally like to buy a new loofa every time I got somewhere and them toss it when I leave so as not to have to pack a wet sponge. This idea works well too, if you like disposable razors.

However, if you have items that just cannot be converted to a smaller container, i.e. shaving cream, dry shampoo, etc. place these into large sandwich bags and use them, along with shoes, to create a sturdy bottom for bag.


pack for the weekend


3 | Hair care.

I’m pretty low maintenance when it comes to my hair. I hate blow dryers and only straiten it if it looks completely crazy. However, when you’re going on a trip, you end up realizing that you want to do so much more to your hair than you do at home. Grab the hair tools and products that you know for certain you will use and maybe one or two of one you think you might like. Again, if it can be miniature, it really helps with space when packing.


pack for the weekend


4 | Don’t forget extras.

I always like to have a nice book or puzzle to work on when I’m chilling in the hotel room ( if I’m not binge watching Netflix ). I try to remember to leave room for these as they are always a nice extra thing to have in case the weather turns bad you would rather not venture out but curl up instead with a good book and cup of tea ( or coffee ).


pack for the weekend


These are just a few tip for how to pack for the weekend. If you guys have any other, leave them in the comments below!

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