Best cup of tea

Best cup of tea Best cup of tea Best cup of teaBest cup of tea Best cup of tea


Hello Lovelies!


If there’s one thing I love on a daily basis, its a good cup of hot tea. I literally start everyday that way and sometimes end it that way too.

However, I’ve had some hit and misses over the years, trying out new teas and having them be really awful. And then you feel terrible about wasting an entire box of tea.

And that’s where Sipsby comes in. They literally have the best tea subscription I’ve ever tried! Every month, I get a box of specially curated tea just for me, right to my front door. Four specially picked teas, all from the choices I was given from the survey I took when setting up my account.

And the best part is, if you don’t like the tea, you can go to your account and rate it as to what you would like sent to you again and what you would rather pass on. And it’s only a few bags, so you’re not wasting an entire box. And since you are telling them what you like, I have rarely received anything I didn’t like a at least a little bit.

So, how do I make the perfect cup of tea?

1. You start with a pretty cup.

If you don’t have pretty tea cup, go buy one! They are so easy find and literally come in every shape, color, and design. A pretty cup will put in you in a good mood immeadiately.

2. Put some water on to boil.

For years I would heat my water in the microwave and even though this does work, I felt like I could never get the water quite hot enough. So I decided to buy an electric kettle and it changed my life. You can find them really inexpensively ( I got mine on Amazon ) and they heat your water so much faster.

3. Put your tea bag in to steep.

You can either time your tea steeping or you can eyeball it. If the tea is more robust, I tend to time it, just so I don’t end up with a very strong cup of tea that’s undrinkable. For lighter or fruity teas, I’ll eyeball it, since I really like a good, strong fruit tea.

4. Add your favorite creamer.

I love a flavored creamer for a darker tea and a plain one for light blends. I only add sugar to black teas, whereas I leave a fruit teas plain, since the fruit taste is perfect on its own.


So there you have it- my way of making the best cup of tea. How do you like your tea? Or do you prefer coffee?


Thanks to Sipsby for partnering with me on this post. 

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