This might sound a little corny, but if someone asked me to list things that are everyday essentials, I would have to put food in the top five. Actually, it would be in the top two right under lemon drop cocktails, lol. I kid, but seriously, good food is so important to everyday life.

Something I have noticed over the past two years is how much I love food. And not just any food, but really good, tasty food that leaves an impression on my mind. Good food is like a good cocktail, once you have one, you want another and another.

Another thing I recently came to learn is that I really like to cook. I love experimenting and seeing where the flavors will take me. I love a combination of spicy and sweet, or sour and salty.

And there’s literally nothing better than having a food based community where you can weigh in on important food topics and receive compensation. It’s a really great way to connect with other foodies as well as get insight on so many different food ideas.

Head to this link to fill out a quick survey and see if you’re eligible to participate. Those picked will get the chance to earn monthly Amazon gift codes for sharing their thoughts.


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