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Hello Lovelies!

It’s Monday again and that means another long week. This is point where I wish computers had emojis. I would put a frowny/done looking face after the first sentence. Hehe.

Anyway, I was sitting down to write this post and honestly had no idea what I was going to say. I don’t want my blog posts to sound like a bunch of run-on boring sentences put together.

So, I thought I would do a 10 Things You Don’t Know About Me post. These are always so much fun. Here goes!

10 Facts You May Or May Not Know About Me

1. I love the color grey. Like obsessively. I’m trying to expand the grey area of my wardrobe right now.

2. I hate rollercoasters. Even the thought of riding one make me feel sick. My friends think I’m really boring when I’ve gone to amusement parks. I mostly walk and eat. Haha.

3. Turtles are my favorite animal. They are just so cute!

4. I’ve never been out of the country. It’s on my bucket list to travel to England someday.

5. My favorite things to buy when going to a coffee house are a cup of hot chocolate ( you thought I was going to say coffee, didn’t you? ) and a cinnamon chip scone. The best combination ever.

6. Flared jeans make me look short. If you search through my blog, you won’t find a single picture of me wearing flared jeans.

7. I’m scared of heights. Enough said on that one

8. I’ve only seriously been interested in fashion for about three years now. Before that, I honestly didn’t care what I wore or if it even looked good. Comfort was my #1 goal.

9. Fall is my favorite time of year. The leaves changing color, the air becoming crisp, the fall smells like cinnamon and clove; it the best time of year ever!

10. I have a secret aversion to escalators. I don’t ever mention it when I’m with people, but I’m always worried about missing the top step and plunging down to my death at the bottom.

And there you have it. Ten very random things about me. What about you? What are some things you’ve done, or have, or love, or hate? Tell me in the comments!

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