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Hello Lovelies!


Ok, so for the past 8 years I have been blogging on this little space and I can’t believe it! I remember my first post ( and it was definitely nothing to write home about, let me tell ya ). And I remember how cool I felt finally arriving on the blogging platform that everyone else was using to take the world by storm.


But thing is, I have been here for eight years, but some of you may have only been here for two or three. And with that revelation, I though would quickly put together an intro/about me/things that make me weird kind of post. So, without further ado, lets dive into the craziness that is me. LOL.



Who am I?

Well, I’m so glad you asked! I’m a fashion and travel blogger with an insane love of hot tea, warm robes, fall foliage, and photography. I think a lot more than I do ( which is a goal for me this year, to step more outside my court zone ), but once I make my mind up, I will follow through, no matter what. I’m introverted, but still love getting together with close friends in smaller groups. I would be nothing without my faith, and my church family.



Where did the name come from?

The term ‘man about town’ refers to a man who is a socialite; always fashionable, always at the best parties; right at the hub of all excitement. I took the term and made it feminine. And although I would not categorize myself as ‘the height of all social activity’ I definitely like to keep up with the times and fashions.



What do you blog about?

I have blogged about fashion for about 5 years now, but am working on incorporating travel as well. I can’t get enough of seeing beautiful places that fill  your soul and nourish your mind. And beautiful fashion is a must for me! I couldn’t imagine not wearing clothing that was colorful or elegant. And I also love to try out new styles. They don’t always suit me, but I can at least say I tried them.



What is/are your goal(s) for The Lady About Town?

I really want my blog to be a recource for people. A place where they can come and get answers regarding fashion and travel. I write a lot of styling and how-to posts and soon I will be adding travel reviews and maybe some guides. 😀



What got you interested in fashion?

Back when Pinterest had first hit the web, I kept discovering different bloggers who were blogging specifically about fashion. One of these was taking her ugly and worn out clothes and refashioning them to make them pretty. I thought about how my wardrobe was full of clothes I didn’t want to wear, but just couldn’t throw out because there was something about them that I liked and decided I would also start refashioning clothes. It sort of spiraled outward from there. I still follow that fashion blogger and she remains to this day as my biggest fashion inspiration.



Do you work with brand or hotels?

It has been my pleasure to work with some amazing brands over the past few years, and I have gotten to stay at some pretty amazing places. One of my favorite things about working with brands and/or companys is getting to know the people behind the brands/companys. There are so many amazing places/brands out there, but they are only as good as the people running them. And when you make that personal connection, it feels less like a collaboration and more like two friends working together to a mutual end.



Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Mostly social media, although I really like going directly into stores and seeing how certain items are styled and putting my own touch on them. I also read lots of other blogs and gain inspiration from them. I love pretty clothes and it may seem shallow, but I completely agree with Mark Twain that ‘clothes make the man’ and Marilyn Monroe that you ‘give a girl the right shoes and she will conquer the world’.



What is your biggest goal for 2019?

This year is the year of ‘change’ for me. I plan on really stepping out of my comfort zone and trying some experimental things with the blog. New and unknown things have always made me uneasy, but ships weren’t built to be anchored in the harbor. And we weren’t made to be  mediocre. With the change and stepping into the learning zone, I’m hopping to navigate the blog more towards travel. Don’t worry, I’m never stepping away from fashion, but I want the blog to grow beyond the familiar.



Thank you if you are a still reading this, and if there is a question you have I didn’t answer, or you would like further clarification on anything, drop me a comment! I would love to hear from you.




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