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Hello Lovelies!


With the weather getting warmer, I’ve been using my exercise game. The winter months are hard for me to get out in, with the air being so cold, but once it starts to warm up, I’m itching to get back into my routine.

One the things I try to when exercising, is to keep a steady pace. This keeps your breathing easier and your heart rate more steady. Recently, I got to try out the Beets Blu Heart Rate Monitor. The monitor connects around your upper torso and through blue tooth technology and static generated by your body, transmits your heart rate straight to your phone.



It was the coolest thing, being able to see how fast my heart was beating while I was excessing. It also should me I have a tendency to speed up and slow down. The monitor helped me to steady my pace, so I could steady my heart rate. Another thing that probably didn’t help was listening to music. It can be super motivating, but unless all of what you’re listening to has the same beat, you will have a tendency to speed up and slow down with the music.

The monitor itself is very comfortable. It has an adjustable strap and is made of a very soft mesh. I was a little bit nervous about having something tight around my chest while exercising, but this was hardly noticeable. And best of all, it fits right under your clothes. I’m wearing in the picture above and you can’t even tell. So, no weird fashion faux pas while you’re out exercising.

And last but not least, the band is washable. So, no stinking up your drawer with a smelly band. If you’re looking for a good heart rate monitor, this one really is great. Easy to use and comfortable to wear, and it’s only $40 on Amazon. You can’t beat that!


Start your spring exercise routine right. Give Beets Blu a try!




Thanks to Beets Blu and Amazon for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

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