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healthy hair


Hello Lovelies!


When I started working full time, it became very clear right away that with commuting everyday and getting up at the unearthly hour of 5:30, that I would never have time to style my hair every morning. I just couldn’t do it. I wanted to somehow style my hair one day and then let it last for about three or four days after that. I also wanted to cut down on the how much my hair came in contact with heat so as to keep a healthy hair look.

However, there was a big problem with that. My hair is extremely oily, so going more than one day without washing it is a major no-no. Unless I want to rice the grease-fro look. And washing my hair every other day means styling it every. other. day. And that means getting up at even more un-earlthy hours. Like 5 or even 4:30 ( yes I’ve done this, no I do NOT recommend it ).

So, what’s the alternative? Well, I guess I could just not wash my hair and hope for the best. But honestly, that’s not really an option for me. I need clean, fresh hair everyday and pre-styled hair too. The best way to attain this seemingly unreachable goal?

Dry shampoo. Changed my life.

I remember the first time I tried this wonder product and completely fell in love. Here I could curl my hair one day and four days later, the waves were still there and my hair didn’t look like an olive oil plant. I was in heaven.

When I got the chance to try out Hask’s dry shampoo, I was really excited. They sent me two formulas, one for oil control, the other for volume. So, I tried them together. I used the Chia Seed shampoo on my roots and the Argan Oil on my ends. I liked the end result. It gave my hair a nice, textured feeling and it didn’t weigh it down at all. My hair also had a tone of volume and body. I also like the fact that the shampoo made it look like I had very healthy hair, rather than give me the dry, powdery look some shampoos can do.

I would definitely suggest checking out the Hask line of dry shampoos if you are in the market for one.


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