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I snuck a shot while Mom was fixing my dress









Hello Lovelies!

About three weeks ago, I got this brilliant idea for Mother’s Day. Why not have a photo shoot with my mom and both of us wear the same thing?

It was genius. So, she and I picked out a dress ( from Pink Blush, of course ) and planned out a day to take the pictures.

The day dawned slightly cloudy, but I wasn’t worried. I love taking pictures in cloudy weather on account of the fact you don’t have any unnecessary shadows on your face from the sun.

She and I got ready ( makeup, hair ) and then I took the camera outside to take a few test shots.

Right as I got the first shot, I felt a drop hit my face. Just one. But it was enough.

I took the camera back inside and then it really started raining.

So here we sat, all made up for a shoot and no where to shoot. But my mother was not to be outdone. She simply suggested we find another location, preferably one with a large porch and lots of light.

We got into the car and drove around from place to place, analyzing, assessing, sizing up. Some of the places looked ok, but for the most part everywhere we stopped was either too dark, a weird color, or had people staring at us like we were trespassing.

So, after a lot of driving, we finally decided on a church that I had passed earlier on. And it worked! The porch was plenty big for us to stand and had lots of light, plus a nice white floor.

This post is not about me. It’s about my mom, the person who doesn’t give up or give in. Who will brainstorm until she finds another way. Who, no matter what, loves and supports me. Even when I’m not very lovable.

This Mother’s Day, lets celebrate our moms, not just because they gave birth to us, but because they are the biggest heroes the world has ever seen. At least, I know mine is.

And speaking of celebrating, I’m holding my first link up today! I want you to link up posts of you and your mom, or you and your children. If you want, you can dress alike ( like we did ) or similarly or not. Whatever you like! Just be sure to follow me on one of my platforms ( Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube ) and then link up your post.
The link-up will run for 1 week.

If you would like, leave me some comments about some of your favorite memories of you and your mom. Link up you pictures at the bottom of the post!

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