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Hello Lovelies!


One of the things that I skimp on the most is makeup. The less I have to apply and the quicker I can get it done, the better. And more recently, since I commute to work, getting ready at 6 AM is just not an option. I mean, I can barely put an outfit together at that time, much less apply a full face of makeup.

So, I typically get to work early and then put everything on then. The problem with this is, I usually don’t want to do any makeup. I’ll go back and forth between wearing all of it and just applying mascara and being done with it. Depending on the day, I go either way.

I also have a really hard making my makeup last all day long. Here in the south, the humidity will kill your makeup if you are not careful.

So, I tried a lot of products and in the end, decided that the above products worked perfectly with my skin and that they were fairly easy to apply and not very time consuming.


1 | LimeLight by Alcone foundation and concealor

I love this brand so much! The foundation is so light and the tone matches perfectly with my skin. I have a tendency to break out, but this foundation is gentle and doesn’t bother me at all. The concealer is also very light and stays put under your eyes.


2 | Revolution Luxury Baking Powder- Banana

I use this to set the concealer under my eyes and it truly doesn’t move an inch all day! It also super affordable.


3 | Sephora Collection- MicroSmooth Baked Bronzer Duo

I searched for a while to find a bronzer that didn’t look orange or was too sparkly. Sephora’s was literally perfect! I use it not only on my face, but also my neck to help blend my makeup and self tanner to look like all one color.


4 | E.L.F. Lash and Brow mascara

This stuff is amazing! It’s its only $2. You really can’t beat that. The gel just gently tames the brows in the direction you want them to go with out making them look heavy or bushy.


5 | Urban Decay All-Nighter setting spray

Talk about a miracle in a bottle, this stuff is the best! I can spray it on in the morning and by the afternoon and into the night, my makeup is still in place and looking just as fresh as when I first applied it.


6 | L’Oreal Voluminous Lash Paradise- Waterproof

I tried this after seeing an advertisement for it on Pinterest ( aka the best website on earth! ) and instantly fell in love. If you love the original voluminous mascara, you have to try Lash Paradise. It’s just a step above and lasts all day.


7 | Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector

I wanted a natural, soft lip product for summer and this one is divine. It doesn’t dry out my lips at all, but rather moisturizes them. There are also so many shades to choose from; nudes, pinks, peaches, etc. They also have a very nice, soft fragrance and hint of vanilla flavor.


This routine works really well for me everyday and is relatively easy to apply. Do you have a go-to makeup routine? Please share it in the comments!

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