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diy painted mousepad

diy painted mousepad diy painted mousepad diy painted mousepad diy painted mousepad diy painted mousepad diy painted mousepad


Hello Lovelies!


Recently, I’ve been trying to brain storm ideas for updating my office accessories. I’m a firm believer is making do with what you have ( unless it’s broken or worn out ), so I decided to use the supplies with me and just make them over.

One of my office accessories I really detested was my mousepad. I had had it since high school and even though it had served it’s purpose really well, it was just plain ugly. So, I went to the store, picked up a few craft items and got to work.

Here is what you need:

  • paint ( I chose white and gold satin finish acrylic paint. If your mousepad is fabric, you can use just about any kind of paint. If it has a hard coating on it, satin or glossy will be your best bet. )
  • mod podge ( I used glossy finish for durability )
  • painters tape
  • sponge brushes


1 | Start by wiping your mousepad down to rid it of finger prints and excess hand oils. Then apply three coats of your base color pant. Allow to dry a hour between each coat.

2 | After it’s dry, use the tape to mark where you want your stripes to be. I made mine uneven. Make sure the tape is secured to the mousepad. If it’s not really taped down, the paint will seep underneath and create a water color affect.

3 | Paint your stripes in with your desired color. Apply three coats here as well.

4 | After these have dried, peel off your tape and apply one coat of mod podge. Allow this to dry overnight.


And you are finished! I’m decorating my office in a gold theme and this mousepad is perfect. Look for more tutorials for the office and redecorating.

diy painted mousepad

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