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Hello Lovelies!


Well, I did it. I finally made a little space for my beauty product collection. I’ve been wanting to do something in this corner of my room for a really long time and I finally made it into something really pretty.

Let me back up. Back when I wanted a room for myself, I told my mom I wouldn’t mind whatever had to fit in there, so long as I could have my own room. Well, with that deal came a very ugly filing cabinet that I have always despised. I tried everything to make it look better, but nothing seemed to help.

Then I got the brilliant idea to paint it. And then I thought it through and definitely didn’t want to put that much effort into it. So, it continued to sit in the corner of my room and look awful.

Fast forward about four years. Cabinet is still in the room and looking awful as ever. At this point I had painted all my other furniture and the room looked very atheistically pleasing, except for the cabinet eye-sore. I had had enough of that annoyance. I had also discovered chalk paint, which is basically the best paint on the planet in my opinion.

So, I bought a color and got to work. And thankfully, everything turned out ok, even though I was painting on laminent and not wood. Then I got to work making it fit with the rest of the room. I had always wanted a little spot where I could keep my lotion and other miscellaneous beauty products that just never seemed to have a home. This one seemed perfect.

I now have my very own diy beauty bar and you can too. It’s so simple to put one together.


All you need:

furniture ( can be pretty or ugly, depending on how much work you want to put into it )

tray ( trays are nice because they keep everything in one place )

mason jars ( for makeup brushes, bobbi pins, hair bands, etc. )

small dishes ( I picked these out to hold items you want to be able to see )

mirror ( I actually was able to get mine for free, buy you can easily pick one up at Goodwill and paint the frame )

vase with flowers ( this was an extra I wanted for decoration )

Simply, place you dishes and jars around inside the tray and organize your makeup the way you want it. Set up your mirror and flowers and you have your very own beauty bar.

Now to stock it!

Lipstick :

I really love anything from Bite. They have the most moisturizing lip products.

Hair pins:

I use these on a daily basis.

Hair spray:

You can’t really make those styles without some great hair products. And Kenra has you covered on every front. From up-dos to just a simple style, Kenra has a spray for every single situation. Check out all of their products here:

Makeup brushes:

I love being able to reach them and not have to dig around in a bag.

Candle or decorative items:

Mixed in with the beauty products, but some extras.


If you decided to diy a beauty bar, tell me about it! Leave a comment with a picture below.

If you like what you see, please share!

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