As a lover of mid century modern style, I was instantly enchanted with the aesthetics of Bar Julian, the tallest rooftop bar in Savannah. But that is not the only reason I love this beautiful spot- Bar Julian affords a person the most perfect view of the Savannah river, the Talmadge Bridge and the whole of the downtown sector.

bar julian

Why you should visit Savannah

Savannah is the first planned city in the United States founded in 1733 and one of the few that retains its original architecture and historic ambiance. As a Savannah native, I can attest to the beauty and romance of Savannah’s downtown area. With it being walkable and the ability to carry your drink with you, you never have to feel disconnected from anything.

Why you should visit Bar Julian

When I first was recommended Bar Julian by a friend, I was slightly skeptical that it could be as amazing as she described. One rooftop bar was the same as another and I had visited quite a few. When I finally made my way over, I was immediately taken in with the elegance of the colors and patterns used in designing the space.

bar julian

Parking for Bar Julian

One of the downsides to visiting Savannah is the fact that parking can be very difficult to find. Most parking is either on the street or in a garage. Parking for Bar Julian is not only readily available, but is also free, which makes it really easy to visit.

Where Bar Julian is located

Bar Julian is located atop the Thompson Hotel off of Port Street. Parking is wrapped around the building and along the connecting streets, so you’re never too far from your car. The bar affords a bird’s eye view of the Savannah River that is breath taking and the bar itself is also a very beautiful space to relax in.

The menu for Bar Julian

Depending on the time of day you visit, the menu will be different. There is a brunch and dinner menu, with corresponding drinks. The alcohol menu is also very extensive and I personally like their wine selection.

Hours for Bar Julian

The bar is open Monday thru Sunday, with times of being closed on particular days. The full hours are as follows:

Sunday-Thursday: 11am-10pm

Friday- Saturday: 11am-12am

bar julian

Bar Julian seating

When you enter the bar, there is a lovely lounging area that is very comfortable and chic, with very inspiring art and just an air of sit back and relax. It’s great area to gather with friends or to bring a book and read and relax. The seating in the entire bar is set up to inspire conversation and camaraderie. My favorite place to sit is the bar, which gives a great view of the river and also gives you the option of doing work with plugs being located underneath the bar area.

bar julian

Order the pizza

The reason this rooftop bar was recommended to me was the pizza and the recommendation was not wrong. The pizza options and flavor is delicious and honestly, you can’t go wrong ordering any of them. Plus, one pizza is enough for two people, so it can simplify ordering.

bar julian

Bottom Line

If you’re visiting Savannah and you want the best view, I would highly recommend visiting Bar Julian and ordering a pizza with a glass of Cabernet. I promise you won’t regret it.

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