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I’ve been working a 9-5 for about 4.5 years now. The week would usually be pretty full of work things, so afterwards all I wanted to do was go home. That left the weekend to connect with people. Saturdays and Sundays became races to see how much I could cram into them. And then Monday would roll around and I would be exhausted.

So, I invented the ‘one slow Saturday a month’ rule. Every month, at least once, I take a Saturday to recharge and just relax. This way, I can take some time to rest and not feel guilty that I’m not doing something.





I’ve put together a basic overview of what my slow Saturday looks like and the general routine I try to stick to.


1. Stretch, brush teeth and wash face

When I first wake up, I usually feel a little stiff from sleeping. This is mostly because I love to sleep curled up in a ball. So, stretching first is essential. I stretch out my legs and arms and then twist from side to side. I then get up and brush teeth and wash face.


Saturday Saturday


2. Make a yummy, special breakfast

I love to eat the things that I don’t really have time for during the week, so making a fancy French press coffee and fruit breakfast is such a treat! I don’t want anything that will take too long, as the goal is to relax and not create more work to do.


3. Cozy bed

After everything is made, I like to climb back under the covers and get cozy. I do my morning devotions and just rest in a quiet atmosphere. I’ll read or maybe turn on a show, but only things that aren’t going to make my brain work too hard.




4. Take the day slowly

When breakfast is finished, I ‘work’ on what is needing to be done that doesn’t require a ton of effort. This is usually where I work on anything social or blog related and finish out anything that might have been hanging over my head, but keeping in mind that it needs to be soothing.


5. Draw a bath

Something I have recently discovered and can’t get enough of is taking baths. They are just the absolute best! So soothing and relaxing. I like to end the day with this. It’s a way to calm the mind and relax the body, getting you ready for bed.


Saturday Saturday















Some of these things can be changed from Saturday to Saturday, but on the whole, I try to stick to the same routine, simply to really focus the mind and heart. It recharges you so when Monday rolls around, you’re ready to hit the ground running.

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