A few weeks ago, I got the privilege to visit the beautiful Wesley Gardens located on Burnside Island and only 15 minutes from my home. You may be wondering why this is such a big deal. Well, Wesley Gardens is this magical place where those who are struggling with everyday life, can come and retreat away from it all. And the reason I’m thrilled its close to me is because its truly an oasis to simply unwind and recharge in and I can’t wait to go back.
















For the day, I got to stay in one of the two cottages on the property. They Grey Cottage was as cute on the inside as it was on the outside, though sadly I didn’t get an outside shot- it was a really cold day, so I pretty much stayed bundled up inside. The coat and shoe rack beckoned me to take off my layers and put them aside. The seating inside was extremely cozy and I made myself at home under a blanket, with a cup of tea.
















The kitchen was this beautiful nook filled with lots of light and colorful pots. I didn’t bring my own food to cook, but that kitchen would have made cooking the most enjoyable and relaxing thing to do. Just making tea was a joy and that large sink was so nice to use.


I spent several hours in contemplation, just basking in the solitude and quiet. The cabin is such that you aren’t really encouraged to bring any type of device to distract yourself with. It was heavenly to know that I could simply think and pray without interruption.





Outside the cottage are several acres of land with walking trails, a prayer maze, a prayer walk, an outdoor church, a small chapel, a long dock, a gazebo, and a picnic area. It’s got everything you could need and nothing that you don’t. The Saturday I visited was following some upheaval in my personal life, so getting to break away and rest was extremely wonderful.
















The directors of Wesley Gardens, Abbie and Micah Sprunger, couldn’t have been kinder people. I felt instantly like a member of their family from the moment of meeting them. They completely put me at ease and made me feel at home. Wesley Gardens Retreat is an escape from daily toil and a place to renew your mind. After spending several hours wandering the grounds and sitting in the little chapel, I felt like a different person.


If you’re wanting to stay or just to learn more about them, visit their website here. I would highly encourage anyone who is looking for a place to just rest, to visit Wesley Gardens Retreat.



This post was sponsored by Wesley Gardens Retreat 


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