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Hello Lovelies!


I remember high school and wishing there was someway to get rid of the breakouts that seemed to march across my face every night. I washed my face each day with a salicylic wash and used oil free everything to keep my skin from breaking out, but nothing seemed to work.

Now, I’m 26 and my skin has become much clearer ( although, I still get the occasional breakout and it frustrates me to no end ). I have learned over the years that, even though you can’t completely erase breakouts ( unless you go on meds and I really didn’t want to do that ) you can help to prevent them from happening by following a few simple tips.


1 | Drink water

Ok, maybe this a no-brainer for most of you, but when you’re young and so much smarter than your parents ( sorry mom ), you don’t think of things like this or you don’t want to do it because someone older suggested it and clearly they have no idea what they’re talking about. But, drinking water helps to clear the body of toxins which can build up and show up on your face. Yuck.

2 | Keep it clean

Along with ridding your body of toxins on the inside, you need to rid your skin of oil and dirt buildup on the outside. To accomplish this, use a mild soap with no oil in it to wash your skin. Now you may be thinking, ‘but Ashleigh, I have extremely oily skin. I need something strong to clean it and rid it of oil’. Well, in theory, you would be right. When you get oil on your hands, you wash it off with soap, which cuts through the oil and removes it from your skin. But, when washing you face, it’s like washing your hair. The more you try to remove the oil, the more the skin thinks it has to over-produce to replenish what you are losing. It thinks, ‘oh no, I’ve lost so much oil, I must over-compensate to makeup for it’. A gentle soap will remove the oil and dirt, without tripping your skin bare. I recommend this one by Neutrogena.

3 | Hands off

This was such a tough one for me. I tend to touch my face 24/7 and completely without thinking about it. I’ll catch myself sitting with my hand against my face, or running my fingers along my hairline. When I was in high school, I would run my fingers across my forehead while reading my school work and then have about a million breakouts as a reward. Hands are one of the oiliest and dirtiest things we can touch our faces with. In order to maintain beautiful skin, refrain from touching as much as possible. One of the things which helped me with this was wearing a liquid makeup. It really discourages you from touching your face because you’re afraid you’re going to wipe the makeup off.

4 | Sleeping beauty

This is one I fail at I seriously don’t get half the sleep I need. And most of the time its completely my own fault. But seriously, sleep plays a huge part in keeping your skin beautiful and clear. It’s during our sleeping hours that our skin repairs itself. as we’re not out in the elements or talking or using our faces for anything. LOL.

5 | Oil-free products

Yes, it is good to go with oil free products when dealing with your face skin, especially if you tend to be on the oily side, like me. After you wash your face, applying water-based products to it will help to balance out your skin’s Ph level and help it to get back to normal. Water-based products will replenish what has been taken away through washing and will just put good things back onto your skin that will no attract dirt, the way oil would. This also goes for makeup. Using an oil-free makeup, such as SkinClearing Makeup by Neutrogena, will really help in  keeping your skin clear. The makeup won’t clog your pores, which is the number reason for breakouts and it gives a very nice finished look. They also have a really great concealer and setting powder that gives a nice, soft finish. Best part, its all super affordable. Check out this link for other SkinClearing products.


So, these are my tips for beautiful, clear skin. What about you? How do you prevent breakouts? Please share in the comments!

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