Casual looks

Casual looks

Casual looks Casual looks Casual looks


Hello Lovelies!


I’m hopping on here really quickly to share 5 casual looks that would be perfect for just about any laid back occasion. And just to be more fun, I’m incorporating stripes into the looks, since stripes are my favorite pattern.


1. Work out- this look is not my first option for casual, since I’m not a huge fan of legging as pants. However, I tied a long sleeved tee around my waist which perfectly hides my bum and crotchal area, making the leggings the perfect accessory and this a really comfy, cute outfit.


2. Outside event- this outfit is perfect for a neighborhood barbecue or a party outdoors. I love the fact that the long sleeved tee anchors the outfit, balancing it perfectly with the high waist in the shorts.


3. Shopping day- whenever I’m out and about shopping, I stick with flat shoes. It’s so much more comfortable and easy to get from one place to another quickly ( I don’t know if you ever notice, but heels make your walking so much slower ). Also, adding a head scarf to your hair to hold it back adds just the right elegant touch.


4. Casual luncheon- Ok, I don’t actually go out to luncheons, but if I did, this would definitely be an outfit I would consider. Plus, it’s the perfect pattern combo, with the stripes and polka dots complenting each other.


5. Office style- And last but not least, I love a good striped cardigan for the office. Office clothing can be so restricting and uncomfortable, but not this sweater! It’s super soft and so stretchy. I may have to wear this to work tomorrow. Plus, this outfit has a little pattern mixing going on as well with my shoes having a dotted pattern on them.


I hope this outfits gave you some inspiration for your wardrobe. What are your go-to casual looks? Do you have a favorite pattern you style all the time? Tell me in the comments!

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