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Hello Lovelies!


I cannot tell you how much I adore fall. I just want all things pumpkin, spice, plaid, falling leaves, etc. I was born in the spring, but I have fall in my soul. One thing I love most about this time of year is getting to wear my ankle booties and jeans all the time. They’re both such great staples to have in your closet.

Along with jeans and ankle booties, another staple I keep on hand would be button downs. Nothing is easier to just throw on than a button down with some distressed denim and booties. Today, I’m sharing a few ways I like to tuck my button down in to give several different looks.


1 | Front tuck

This is a pretty basic tuck and it can be done in just a matter of seconds. Just tucking the front of the tail into your jeans gives such a polished look to an otherwise more casual look.


button down


2 | Side Tuck

This one is a bit more on the casual side. Just unbutton one or two of the buttons on the bottom of the shirt and tuck in one side. This gives an abstract look that is more laid back.


button down


3 | Twisted tuck

This look is very unique and hard to do with a more fitted button down. I didn’t realize how fitted this one was until I tried this look. You leave the top unbuttoned and tuck in both of the tails on either side of your jeans. You can also safety pin if they want to come untucked. You will also want to secure the front of the top with some pins. This look would work well with a fitted pencil skirt also.


button down


So, these are my top three tucks I tend to do on a regular basis. Do you have any you’ve tried? Share them in the comments!

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