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love your hair


love your hair love your hair love your hair love your hair love your hair love your hair love your hair



Hello Lovelies!


One of the things in my everyday routine I tend to neglect more than any other is my hair. I just kind of put it on the back burner so to speak. Some days I take such care with it and I even take the time to style it. But most others are simply, ‘oh great I over-slept. It’s going to be a ponytail day today’.


Well, today I going to share three easy ways to love your hair and enjoy doing it.


1 | Wash, but don’t over do it.

This was one I really struggled with. I honestly thought you had to wash your hair every night so it would be clean and look really good. This is actually really bad for your hair follicle. It strips out all the natural oil and then makes your head over produce, which then makes you think you need to wash your again. Start by washing you hair with a good, moisturizing shampoo, such as Finesse. Finesse is so very gentle on the hair and really cleans while also providing moisturization to your hair follicle and scalp. It also has a really nice, clean smell.


love your hair


2 | Use a heat protectant.

I also learned this recently, but a good heat protectant is excellent for prolonging your hair’s beauty life. Hot tools really damage the hair over time of use and makes the ends look very dead. A heat protectant will not only keep your hair safe from damaging heat, but it also gives body and texture to the hair.

3 | Brush, don’t comb.

Ok, maybe this is just me, but every time I comb my hair, I instantly have no body, and the hair dries completely flat. Aside from my quirky reason for not combing, hair is also it’s most brittle when wet, so anything caustic could break the ends off. Instead, wait and let the hair dry a little bit and then gently brush through, working from the ends up, or use a wet brush and gently work the tangles out. Keyword: gently.


So, what are some ways you love your hair? I would love to hear about them in the comments. And don’t forget to visit me on Instagram!


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