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chai tea latte

Hello My Dear Readers!


Sorry for my long break. Inspiration was alluding me and I wasn’t feeling like trying to crank something out that didn’t want to happen. I don’t know about you, but I’m really feeling the quarantine at this point. As an introvert, I really enjoy my alone time to recharge and honestly I really never felt recharged before, no matter how much time I took for myself on the weekends.

Now, I honestly can say that I’m fully recharged in my people meter and that I really want to rejoin the rest of society and go back to a semi normal routine. Of course, normal will probably look very different for all of us when this is over, but I will welcome being able to touch and hug people when it returns.


chai tea latte chai tea latte


That being said, I have tried to be a little bit creative in this time I have at home and have discovered and re-discovered things that I had forgotten I liked to do. One of them was baking; I literally used to bake all the time, but once I started working, I didn’t have time. I am now delving back into that.

The other is brewing tea. Not just pouring hot water over a tea bag as is the manner of some, NO, I am making my daily tea into a ritualistic art and beautiful habit. I have been experimenting with chai tea especially and have really loved the results I’ve gotten. So, without further ado, I’m going to share my own special version of a chai tea latte. And it only takes three ingredients ( well,  four if you count the water, but who doesn’t have water already on hand? ).


chai tea latte chai tea latte



-chai tea bag; I waver between Bigelow and Twinnings . I finally figured out the difference; Twinnings is spicier and Bigelow is more smooth.

-2 tsp. sugar

-2 TBSP. cold oat milk; I love how creamy oat milk is without being gritty like cashew or thin like almond.


Start by pouring your milk and sugar into your mug. You can mix these together or just leave them there ( remember, the milk should be cold, not steamed ). Next, boil your water or heat it in the microwave ( I like to use an electric kettle, but one day I hope to have one that sings ). Once your water is ready, take your tea bag out and place it in the mug with the milk and sugar. Pour the water over the tea bag until the mug is filled ( its important that you pour the water over the tea bag; this way the steeping process is accelerated ). Stir the contents together and- my secret speciality- leave your tea bag in the liquid. It will continue to steep and you will have a delicious chai tea latte.

Honestly, I can taste a huge difference between pouring the cream in first and pouring it in after. Something about the way the everything blends. And by leaving your tea bag in, the flavor just keeps getting richer.


chai tea latte

chai tea latte


Pull out your favorite cookies ( mine are the puffy cranberry orange cookies from Kroger’s bakery ) and sit back with a favorite book. It will seriously make your afternoon so much better.


If you’ve made a chai tea latter recently, tell what you put in and how you enjoy it.



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