DIY Sweater Mittens

Hello Lovelies!
  It is officially the three day countdown to Christmas! And for those of you who still haven’t found the perfect gift for that particular someone, I have a DIY for that.
  What you will need :
  – sweater you longer want to wear or one your bought from a thrift shop
  – sewing machine or fabric glue
  – sharpie
  – pins
  – scissors
  – your hands!
  1. Take your sweater and turn it inside out. Then, line your hand up with the bottom of the sweater ( like in the picture ) and trace around it, leaving about a half inch around your hand.
DIY Sweater Mittens
DIY Sweater Mittens
2. Pin the fabric together before you cut out the hand. Cut it out along the traced line. Be careful not to pull on the fabric too much; it will make it fray faster.
DIY Sweater Mittens
3. Now is where you can choose to either sew it closed or glue it. If you sew it, make sure the fabric doesn’t bunch up. If you glue it, leave the two pieces of mitten right sides facing and glue between the two layers. Let it dry and then turn it right side out.
DIY Sweater Mittens
And you have a lovely pair of mittens to wear. I love mine! Such a great use for a sweater that might be too small or have stains on it. My had stains on the shoulders and I never wore it. It will be getting lots of use now.
DIY Sweater Mittens


DIY Sweater Mittens


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