Hello Lovelies!
  Can you believe Christmas is only 5 days away? Time just flew by. ( Did I say that in the last post? )
  And, there are only 2 more Days Of Merry after this one. That went by really fast too. I hope you’ve enjoyed all the crafting posts. After Christmas though, I’ll be going back to just fashion posts.
  Today’s craft is a home-made stocking!
  What you will need :
  – 2 different colors of fabric ( about 1/4 of a yard each )
  –  a stocking to use as a guide
1. Take your stocking and trace around it onto one of your fabrics, adding about an inch around it. This is for seam allowance. Cut this out.
2. Take the stocking body you just cut out and lay the top against your other fabric. Cut out a rectangle thats the same length as your stocking top and about 5 inches tall.
3. I cut out a thin piece of fabric for the loop hanger, but then later changed it to twine.
4. Sew you stocking body right sides together.
5. Sew your top pieces together on the short ends right sides together. The fabric will be in the shape of a circle.
6. Hem one of the long sides.
7. Next, pin your circle to the top of your stocking body with the right side of your circle touching the wrong side of your stocking body.
8. Start at a side seam and sew all the way around until you reach the same side seem you started on and leave a small opening. This is where you will add your loop hanger.
9. Slip your loop inside the opening and then sew it closed. Press the stocking.
And your stocking is finished! Now you can hang it up over your fireplace, or, if you’re like me and you don’t have a fireplace, you can hang in up over a door.



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