DIY Christmas Card Holder

Hello Lovelies!
  Welcome to the 12 Days Of Merry ( a day late, my apologies )! Up until Christmas, I will be sharing 12 different Christmas crafts, fashion projects, and recipes. The idea came to me one afternoon when I was trying to think of a clever title for a Christmas blog post ( I like to plan way in advance ). Christmas Days popped into my head, then I thought of the song, 12 Days of Christmas, then 12 Days of Merry came to mind and with it a whole bunch of thoughts about what I could share over the holidays.
  So, after all that, here is post #1. Now, those of you who follow me for fashion, have no fear. I will be posting fashion posts in between the Merry posts.
  Onto the holder!
  For this you will need only two things – 
  1. A strand of Christmas lights ( any color )
  2. Clothespins
  This tutorial is very simple. Place your strand of lights over a door frame, securing with nails or tacks, and clothespin your cards to the light strand. This way, you have a place for all those lovely cards you are receiving, or going to receive, and it looks really pretty at the same time.
  If you want to get really fancy ( and I wish I had photographed this ) you can add a garland to the light strand and clip the cards into it.
  Super simple and festive. Go ahead and try it out!


DIY Christmas Card Holder
DIY Christmas Card Holder
DIY Christmas Card Holder
DIY Christmas Card HolderDIY Christmas Card Holder
DIY Christmas Card Holder


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