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How is it already 2020? I definitely feel like 2019 just started and we’re already in a new year. Last year started in a very blahzay way ( more about that in another blog post ), and the year itself was not really a banner production. But, despite everything feeling upside down, I learned a lot not only about blogging, but about life and how important certain things were and how much I needed to change others.

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One of the things that really stuck out to me last year was my lack of routine when it comes to blogging. I would start with good intentions and then things would derail and I would be right back to where I started. And because I wasn’t prioritizing the things that mattered, I would end up burnt out and not really heading in any particular direction. I also didn’t want to invest in anything at all- read I didn’t want to pay for anything, not blog tutorials, not planners, not helpful tips, nothing. As a blogger wanting to turn business owner, this was such a bad strategy.




So, with the start of the new year, I decided that there were some things that needed to be changed if I wanted to succeed and actually move the blog forward, aside from the idea of just being helpful to others. I started looking into helpful guides and watching tutorials from other bloggers who were killing it. I also invested in a few things that weren’t that expensive, but would be so helpful in the long run.


organizing organizing


My top three things I’m doing to plan out this year ( and I really think you’ll find them helpful too ):


1. Buy a large calendar

Yes, that may sound very elementary, but I honestly can’t stand small calendars you can’t see or write much on. So, I invested in this one that one of my favorite bloggers suggested.

2. Invest in a blog planner

This may again seem very elementary but honestly, it was so inexpensive compared to some of the things you can do and it is so helpful for planning things out. I bought mine here and it was less than $20.

3. Take time to plan/brainstorm

This one will be the most important. Take the time to think into your audience and plan out the posts that they need/want to read. Hold poles on your Instagram stories and then see which topics got the most hits.


And then after all of this…remember to breath and enjoy what you are building. This is your place on the internet and something you are creating to share with others. Have fun with the process!

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