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mother's day table scape

mother's day tables cape

Hello Lovelies!


Since Mother’s Day is literally just around the corner, I thought I would share a pretty table scape with you for making your Mother’s Day brunch super special. After all, we are celebrating one of the most wonderful people in the world to us.

This table design is really easy to copy or even switch up. Everything I use in the craft projects came from my local dollar store ( yass!!!! ), except the paint.

Scroll down for tutorials.


mother's day table scape

mother's day table scape mother's day table scape

mother's day table scape

DIY Mini Flower Arrangements

You will need:

  • fake flowers ( I chose pink, but you can change that depending on your color scheme )
  • glass jars ( mine came form the dollar store )
  • acrylic gold paint ( bought here )
  • sponge brush
  • wire cutters
  • painters tape


1 | Start by taping off the bottom part of your jar, how high you want the gold paint to come up to is completely up to you. I chose to cover the bottom third. Let the paint dry and then apply a second coat. ( If you want this process to go a little faster, use acrylic spray paint. It will be a little pricier, but will save you time. )

2 | Next, cut your flowers to varying lengths and arrange them in the jar.

And you have a beautiful little bouquet that your guests can take home. If you want to get really fancy, substitute the fake flowers for real ones.



mother's day table scape

DIY Striped Gold Placemats

You will need:

  • acrylic gold paint ( I used the same as above )
  • sponge brush
  • painters tape
  • ruler
  • scissors
  • card stock


1 | Cut out a place mat from you sheet of card stock 18″x12″. This is the standard measurement for placemats. Tape off the size steps you want. Be sure to use the shiny side of the card stock and not the matte. You could end up tearing your paper when you remove your tape.

2 | Paint the stripes in and let dry.

And you’re finished! If you would rather, you can use cloth table clothes and save yourself the extra step of measuring and cutting them out. However, the paper one are a great throwaway option.



mother's day table scape

DIY Place Cards

You will need:

  • pretty paper
  • decorative punch
  • corner rounder punch
  • pen


1 | Take your paper and fold in half, then fold in half again. Cut out along the fold lines.

2 | Take your corner rounder and round corner. Then take your decorative punch and punch out the designs of your choosing.

3 | Take a pen and write the names fancily.


And that’s it! You have a pretty name display card. To help with outdoor table settings, tape the inside of the place cards down to the placemat or tablecloth to them from blowing away.


I hope these gave you some inspiration for your Mother’s Day table scape. Leave a comment telling me how you like to decorate for Mother’s Day.


mother's day table scape

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