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Side tuck Side tuck
Side tuck Side tuck Side tuck Side tuck Side tuck

Side tuckSide tuck


Hello Lovelies!


Happy Wednesday! We made it halfway through the week and I honestly can’t wait for the weekend. There’s nothing like plans to make you want to hurry the week along.


One of my favorite fashion touches I like to give to my outfits is tucking the edge of the hem of my shirt into the waiastband of my pants. This is one of the easiest ways to change up an outfit and give it that finished look. It also helps to elongate the leg and helps to define the waist.

Doing it is super simple, but I thought I would break down the side tuck into three steps:


1. Take the edge of your hem

Only grab the very edge of the hem of your top. You don’t want to tuck the whole shirt into the pants, just hemline edge.

2. Tuck the edge into the waistband

Again, just the edge of the top, not the whole side of the shirt. And just into the top of the waistband, not down into the pants. You want the top to still have a flowy quality about it.

3. Flounce the edge

Once the edge of the hem is tucked into the top of the edge of the pants, take untucked part and flounce it out to help everything fall into the proper hang. You want your top to hang evenly all around.


And that’s pretty much it! It’s such a easy change and can completely change the entire look of the outfit. Plus, a side tuck helps the top to look polished and the outfit to look complete.

What about you? Have you tried the side tuck yet?

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