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So this post is a little different than the norm. Honestly, blogging right now doesn’t feel normal, as everything is so upside down. However, I am so grateful for all of you who comment and stop by; your words are encouraging and supportive.


Today, I’m sharing something that I’ve been thinking about for a while but just haven’t put down on paper yet. How many of you have heard of the Enneagram? It’s something I’ve really enjoyed studying and learning about. If you’re not familiar, see this article.

On the scale, I’m a 6, which in basic terms, means my core motivation is to be safe. Along with my personality comes a lot of anxiety about the unknown and not being able to see how things will play out.


One of the things that helps is to write everything down; all my feelings, fears, emotions, etc. And with this writing, documenting the good and the bad as well as keeping track of hopes and dreams.

So, today, I’m sharing a challenge for each of you. Whatever your circumstances are at the moment, take some time to write it out, so to speak.

What I’m writing are two different lists: one is my gratitude list- things I’m thankful for and the other is my hopes list- future plans and dreams. You can obviously name these whatever you want, but I’ve found these names work best for me.

On my gratitude list, I’m listing all the things that I’ve taken for granted and honestly didn’t really notice before. It’s smacking how much we really have, but just don’t seem to see.

On my hopes list, I’m writing out all the things that I’m looking forward to in the future- dates with girl friends, places I want to visit, just being around people in general.

lists lists

I’m including with this post a printable freebie where you can download and print out your own lists. Feel free to customize them in your own creative way, then, if you’re comfortable, share them on Instagram with the hashtag #afternoontalkslist. I’d love to read what’s on your heart.

This will end. We will feel right side up again. But until then, lets support and encourage each other.


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