Hello Lovelies!

Being a slightly taller then average person ( I believe I’m almost 5’6″ ), it’s always been hard for me to find a pair of jeans that actually are the length of my leg. They’re all either too long or too short.

So, when the cuffing trend came into vogue, I was super excited. I mean not only does it look super cute, but it camouflages the too long jean look.

I’ve found there are three ways I like to cuff my jeans: partial, half, and whole. I’ll demonstrate in the pictures.

1. Partial cuff. This look is whimsical and casual. It looks best with sneakers and heeled booties.

2. Half cuff. Cuffing your jeans half way can be dressed up or down. It really looks good with any shoe.



If you have a bootie with a higher shaft, a deeper half cuff works really well.

  3. Whole cuff. This look is cute and girly. Almost like your wearing jeans too long for you. It also breaks up the look of just denim and boot by showing some of your leg. It looks best with booties or sneakers ( not pictured because my brain was dying ).



I hope these tips were helpful for you. I love trying out new trends and this one is definitely a winner in my book.


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